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Water Management Systems

Solutions For Water And Sewerage Administrations

22 Mayıs 2017

Online Analysis and Disinfectant System

Same Level of Disinfection in All Network Lines With the help of online self communicating analysis and disinfection systems, we keep chlorine level within the levels […]
22 Mayıs 2017

Business Intelligence System

Gives Managers the Correct Analysis in Shortest Time   Whole analysis reflecting real time and general perspective are presented to all worker levels from top manager […]
22 Mayıs 2017

Call Center Management System

A System Targeting Customer Satisfaction System serves citizens 24/7. Thus, business’ operational burden and expenses are reduced. * Ability to do failure notifications on smart phone […]
22 Mayıs 2017

Asset Management System

Lights the Way of Managers! Managers Can Focus on Their Core Business Due to its functionality, richness of reports and graphical representations Asset Management System is […]
22 Mayıs 2017

Pressure Management System

Accurate Method for Reducing Drinking Water Losses a part of network system “Pressure management” is the most efficient method for eliminating problems of water losses in […]
20 Mayıs 2017

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. *Peter Drucker Dont Forget Water Has a Cost! * The level of water tanks can be monitored […]